Commercial Photography

I offer a diverse range of photography services for an array of different businesses either local, national or international. My services are tailored to your specific needs and I take pride in offering competitive commercial rates.

I capture the images on location using either a portable professional studio or a studio light box  and ensure that all of the objectives are met.

By shooting professional quality pictures we give them a chance to stand-out from other businesses.

I will deliver photographs within the  pre agreed time frame and  ensure they are of the highest resolution. My rates are discussed before the photo-shoot and customers are surprised at the quality for the cost.

There is no limit to the number photographs I will take within the pre agreed time frame. The cost is very competitive and starts at £35 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

There is no limit to the number of items photographed within the pre agreed time frame and you will have a copy of them all.

I will capture your companies story as either a stand-alone photo-shoot, or as part of a larger campaign.

I have combined my photographic work over the last 20 years with a very successful career in Health, safety and the environment, My previous experience in this field enables me to provide a full risk assessment and method statement for every project irrespective of the location or the service you require.

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